Transition: High School to College

College Access and Success through Effective Match

On June 14, the American Youth Policy Forum and MDRC co-hosted a Capitol Hill forum titled “College Match Matters.” The forum provided an overview of the College Match Program (CMP), a Chicago Public Schools program designed to encourage academically capable students to choose colleges where they are likely to thrive and graduate.

College and Career Readiness through Individualized Learning Plans

On May 29, the American Youth Policy Forum, the College and Career Readiness and Success Center , and the Center for Workforce Development at the Institute for Educational Leadership held a webinar titled “The Use of Individualized Learning Plans to Help Students to be College and Career Ready.” The webinar highlighted research examining the effectiveness of individualized

New CCRS Center Brief: The District Role in Supporting College and Career Readiness for Students

As school systems across the country recommit themselves to ensuring college and career readiness and success, they must rely on districts to translate federal and state policies into the local context.

Meeting the Standards and Expectations of College and Career Readiness

On April 29, the Midwest Equity Assistance Center (MEAC) hosted a webinar titled, "Hidden Rules of College and Career Readiness." The webinar, conducted by Dr. Katherine Sprott, Dr. Tonnie Martinez and Mr. Jessie Myles, all from the MEAC, highlighted the connections between college and career readiness (CCR) standards and expectations and the underlying causes for why students might not meet those standards and expectations, and shared strategies to improve this situation.

Translating Community College Research into Practice: Community College Research Center’s New “Practitioner Packets”

Over the past several years, the Community College Research Center (CCRC), housed at Teachers College, Columbia University, has conducted extensive research and generated dozens of publications on college readiness, online education, developmental education, student supports, and other issues related to community colleges. Of course, this research is more effective when it gets into the hands of the educators who are working every day to help students reach their goals.

New College & Career Readiness & Success Center Brief on Career and Technical Education

The College & Career Readiness & Success (CCRS) Center recently released a brief titled How Career and Technical Education Can Help Students Be College and Career Ready: A Primer.  This brief examines the role of career and technical education (CTE) in preparing students for both college and the workforce in a changing postsecondary landscape.