Outcome Measures

The Carnegie Unit: A Century Old Standard in a Changing Education Landscape

The Carnegie Unit has recently come under critique from educators and policymakers who want to make student performance more transparent and the delivery of education more flexible. This report provides an analysis of what the process may require to shift away from the Carnegie Unit’s instructional, time-based metric toward a competency-based metric. It also provides the scope of innovations necessary to replace the Carnegie Unit and the uncertainties associated with these tasks. Finally, the report discusses the array of practical problems that would need to be solved.

Multiple Measures for College Readiness (ECS Education Trends report)

Roughly one third of all U.S. high school graduates do not enroll in college right after earning a diploma. An important factor in this transition is the demonstration of college readiness. To enhance students’ transitions, statewide and systemwide admission policies are beginning to assess college readiness through multiple measures. This ECS Education Trends report reviews these multiple measures, provides a deeper look at competency-based assessments, and offers policy considerations for state and system leaders.

New CCRS Center State Map Features—Identify How States Are Measuring and Supporting College and Career Readiness

States are implementing a variety of initiatives and policies to assess and support students’ college and career readiness. To help state leaders and policymakers identify trends and learn about innovative approaches to this work, the College and Career Readiness and Success (CCRS) Center has updated the CCRS Center interactive state map with new and streamlined content. The map provides an easy-to-navigate snapshot of state college and career readiness policies, metrics, and initiatives across all states.

Strengthening Measures of College and Career Readiness and Success: Alignment Policies and Strategies

This is the first of a two-part webinar series hosted jointly by the College and Career Readiness and Success Center at AIR (CCRS Center) and American Youth Policy Forum (AYPF) aims to draw connections between the growing understanding of how states can more accurately measure college and career readiness and relevant state policy considerations. (To learn more about the second webinar, click here.)

Measurement Practice Guide

This discussion guide is part of a larger practice guide designed to help state education agencies (SEAs) define measurement goals, select college and career readiness measures and indicators designed to support those goals, and use the data gathered with those measures and indicators to make informed decisions about college and career readiness policies, programs, and interventions. The chapter 1 discussion guide focuses on setting the stage for the rest of the guide by defining the measurement landscape and exploring the SEA role in measurement goals related to college and career readiness a

New CCRS Center Technical Assistance Response: Statewide ACT Policies, Data Use, and Resources

This blog post is part of a series of posts that draw on technical assistance responses we have prepared for individual regional comprehensive centers and states to answer specific questions and address specific needs related to their CCRS work.


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