Beyond the GED: Promising Models for Moving High School Dropouts to College

This report highlights quasi-experimental and experimental research on promising approaches for increasing dropouts’ rate of GED attainment, other high school equivalency credentials, and successful transition to college. The report divides these interventions into three categories: college and career ready standards and curricula, GED-to-college “bridge” programs, and dual enrollment.

Making Mastery Work: A Close-Up View of Competency Education

Many schools, districts, and states are looking for alternatives to the traditional seat time- and credit hour-based system. While mastery- or competency-based education (CBE) principles have a history in vocational settings, CBE models are new to the K-12 setting. The Proficiency-Based Pathways Project, funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, awarded grants to seven projects operating in 11 schools that employ a range of competency-based education models.

New CCRS Center Technical Assistance Response: Advanced Placement for College Readiness

The College and Career Readiness and Success (CCRS) Center is a technical assistance hub that promotes CCRS knowledge development and increases collaboration through interactive learning activities for Regional Comprehensive Centers, state education agencies, and other CCRS stakeholders. This blog post is the first in a series of posts that will draw on technical assistance responses we have prepared for individual states to answer specific questions and address specific needs related to their CCRS work.

Early College, Early Success: Program Overview, Research Findings, and Implications for Practice

Mapping the Nation: The Local IS Global

Mapping the Nation (Mappingthenation.net) is a new tool that allows users to see just how interconnected their individual county and state are to the rest of the world. Created as a partnership between Asia Society, Longview Foundation, and data analytics company SAS, Mapping the Nation utilizes almost one million data points to show that we are a nation built upon diversity – demographically and economically.

New CCRS Center Brief: Considerations for Collaboration to Support College and Career Readiness

The College and Career Readiness and Success Center (CCRS Center) recently released a brief titled Considerations for Collaboration to Support College and Career Readiness. The brief is intended to serve as a facilitative tool for states as they consider collaborations to better align expectations and supports for students across education systems.


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