Competency-Based Education

A Path Forward: Game-Changing Reforms in Higher Education and the Implications for Business and Financing Models

This report describes the impact that various reform models - such as guided pathways, stackable credentials, and competency-based credentials - have on students' postsecondary outcomes as well as examples of how some states have been implementing these reform models. The report also discusses how technology and human systems in higher education inhibit transformative change while also presenting alternatives and solutions for addressing these barriers to change. Finally, the author presents policy recommendations that could accelerate the acceptance of the various reform models.

Innovate to Educate: System [Re]design for Personalized Learning: A Report from the 2010 Symposium

This report details and expands upon the key recommendations from the 2010 Innovate to Educate Symposium, held by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in collaboration with ASCD and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The ten recommendations consist of five "essential elements" for personalized learning, as well as five "policy enablers" which would serve to support the development of those essential elements.

Using Educational Competencies to Help Students Get Back on Track

This brief uses a model by Jobs for the Future to discuss strategies to get learners on-track to effective educational pathways. The “Back on Track Through College” model indicates three overarching pathway benchmarks: Enriched Preparation, Postsecondary Bridging, and First Year Support. Using these points of entry to organize recommendations, this brief suggests using technology as a tool at all stages so that schools, youth programs, colleges and other organizations may leverage it for off-track students.


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