Reshaping the College Transition: States That Offer Early College Readiness Assessments and Transition Curricula

This paper examines readiness assessments and transition curricula in all 50-states and Washington, D.C. College readiness assessments include the use of college placement tests, college admissions exams, and state accountability tests with a college readiness benchmark. Data was collected through literature and resource searches, surveys to state agency representatives, and follow-up interviews with officials from certain states for additional information. The authors found that 38-states have various college readiness assessments in place, 25 of which are implemented through state initiatives and 13 of which are local initiatives. The authors found 29-states offer some form of transition curricula, and math is the prevalent subject of transition curricula. The majority of transition curricula are the result of local initiatives. States associated with the Southern Regional Education Board are more likely to have transitional curricula under development than in play.

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