21st Century Educators: Developing and Supporting Great Career and Technical Education Teachers

This brief focuses on the role that career and technical education (CTE) teachers can play in ensuring college and career readiness (CCR) for all students. The authors introduce who CTE teachers are and how current policies support and integrate them into schools. The authors argue that these teachers are critical to meeting the needs of students who may wish to enter a career without obtaining a 4-year college degree or for those who wish to gain experience in a field before obtaining a higher degree. This brief also focuses on how current state policies regarding certification, recruitment, professional development, and evaluation of these educators affect their potential contribution to CCR. Following an explanation of the unique challenges CTE faces, the authors propose the adoption of a set of more focused policies, tailored to these primary issues affecting CTE teachers, in order to improve graduation rates and foster a more comprehensive approach to CCR in general.

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