Competency-Based Education as a Strategy for College and Career Readiness for All

Within K-12 education, competency-based education is gaining momentum as a promising strategy to prepare all students for success in college and careers. Although states are at various stages of implementing competency-based education, there are a number of issues to consider at the intersection of policy and practice. This webinar will share recent CCRS Center products and tools around competency-based education including State Approaches to Competency-Based Education to Support College and Career Readiness for All Students, State Policies to Support Competency-Based Education for Overage, Under-Credited Students, and a forthcoming Facilitator’s Guide on Designing Competency-Based Articulation Agreements. To complement the discussion of the resources, participants will hear from an innovative partnership at a competency-based high school serving overage, undercredited student where they can earn competency-based dually enrollment credit with a postsecondary partner.

Our presenters include:
  • Steve Brown, Director of Community, College for America @ Southern New Hampshire University
  • David Blumenthal, Content Expert, College and Career Readiness and Success Center at AIR
  • Rodney Powell, Principal, OPPortunity Academy(Hartford, CT)
  • Chanda Robinson, Director of Workforce Iniatitives, Our Piece of the Pie (Hartford, CT)
  • Jenna Tomasello, Policy Associate, American Youth Policy Forum 


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CCRS Center
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Online Webinar