Afterschool Programming as a Lever to Enhance and Provide Career Readiness Opportunities

Educators are tasked with preparing students for current and emerging careers, as well as for jobs that aren’t available yet. Although schools and districts help to develop students’ academic, technical, and employability skills needed to access career paths, they recognize that such skills may be best acquired in workplace settings or simulations.

Out-of-school time is an opportunity for students to connect with job skills and expand career readiness in authentic and engaging settings. Afterschool time can be particularly beneficial for historically underserved students who don’t have access to the same resources through their schools or family connections as their more advantaged peers.

In our latest brief, the College & Career Readiness & Success Center looks at ways to leverage afterschool time to prepare students at at every stage of career development, from career awareness in kindergarten through sixth grade to career training in eleventh and twelfth grades. The brief offers recommendations for state leaders who are interested in using afterschool programming for career readiness.