Integrating Employability Skills With Classroom Instruction to Support English Learners

Developing and supporting employability skills for all students can increase their likelihood of success in college and the workforce. To ensure equity in outcomes and opportunity for all students, states must attend to the specific needs and important cultural nuances regarding how to develop these skills for English learners.  Building on Integrating Employability Skills: A Framework for All Educators, this supplement helps states and districts integrate employability skills into existing initiatives to support English learners.  This interactive module – a collection of PowerPoint slides, handouts, and a facilitator’s guide – provides the following activities:
  • Introduces participants to the Employability Skills Framework
  • Explains why these skills are specifically important for English learners
  • Discusses how to differentiate instruction of employability skills to English learners

In addtion, expert staff at the CCRS Center are available to offer in-person or online work sessions based on this module. Regional comprehensive centers and state education agencies can develop and tailor the module’s information to specific audiences, districts, schools, and educators.

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