Who Enrolls in Dual Enrollment and Other Acceleration Programs in Florida High Schools?

This report describes the results of a mixed methods survey of acceleration programs in Florida. It compares Dual Enrollment with AP, IB, and AICE programs. The study found among Florida 11th and 12th graders in the 2006/2007 school year that 7.3% of students enrolled in a college credit or Dual Enrollment course were predominately White females who were not economically disadvantaged, and the majority of students in accelerated programs were enrolled in programs other than Dual Enrollment programs. Additionally, Hispanic and special education students were less likely to enroll in Dual Enrollment programs than in other acceleration programs. The report found student enrollment in Dual Enrollment programs varied widely throughout the state, and there was wide variability in the way schools informed students of Dual Enrollment programs. Administrative challenges were cited as the most common barrier to establishing Dual Enrollment programs.

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