Time for the U.S. to Reskill?: What the Survey of Adult Skills Says

This report explores the results from OECD's international Survey of Adult Skills and focuses primarily on performance in the United States. The Survey of Adult Skills is an international survey that measures the basic skills, such as numeracy and literacy, of adults and compares the results to social and economic outcomes. According to the survey results, more adults have low literacy and numeracy skills in the U.S. compared to adults in other countries. This report provides recommendations for how the U.S. can take action to improve the basic skills of adults. The recommendations include: taking action to improve basic skills and tackling inequities affecting sub-groups with weak skills; strengthening initial schooling for all children; utilizing the community college system to support and develop basic skills; linking basic skills to career preparation; adapting to diversity; building awareness of the implications of weak basic skills; and supporting action with evidence.

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