Schoolwide Impact and AVID: How Have Selected Texas High Schools Addressed the New Accountability Measures?

This study examines the impact of the AVID model being implemented in ten high schools in five Texas districts, over a 4-year period. Each school and district was matched on student demographic variables, student enrollment patterns and accountability ratings. The study found that AVID schools and districts: 1) had a greater increase in accountability ratings after at least 2 years of implementation, 2) showed increases in advanced course enrollment whereas non-AVID schools showed a decrease in enrollment, 3) had a higher increase in the number of Advanced Placement (AP)/ International Baccalaureate (IB) test takers, and 4) showed an increase in graduation/completion rates whereas the rates at non-AVID schools declined. In addition, both groups had an increase in the number of students graduating with the recommended or distinguished graduation plan.

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Journal of Education for Students Placed at Risk
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