Increased Learning Time Under Stimulus-Funded School Improvement Grants: High Hopes, Varied Implementation


This report, published by the Center on Education Policy (CEP), identifies four findings based on two School Improvement Grant (SIG) reports also published by CEP. This report combines data from a survey of 46 states (including DC) and case studies from Maryland, Michigan, and Idaho on school implementation of SIG funds. The four key findings are: 1) all 46 states noted that some schools were implementing the SIG models that required increased learning time (transformation and turnaround); 2) in the survey, states noted that increased learning time was considered to be key to the improvement efforts; 3) Maryland, Michigan, and Idaho case study schools indicate that schools using the transformation and turnaround strategies are increasing learning time but the state focus on this strategy varies; and 4)implementation of increased learning time has varied.

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Center on Education Policy
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