Estimating College Enrollment Rates for Virginia Public High School Graduates

This report examines college enrollment rates of 2008 Virginia high school graduates using National Student Clearinghouse and Start Department of Education data. The analysis showed that sixty-two percent of graduates enrolled in a degree-granting institution within one-year of graduation; thirty-seven percent enrolled in four-year colleges and twenty-five percent in two-year colleges. The study also found Advanced-Study Diploma graduates had a higher enrollment rate than did Standard Diploma graduates. Career and Technical Education (CTE) graduates had higher enrollment rates in two-year colleges than their non-CTE peers. Students who scored advanced proficient in reading and Algebra II assessments had a higher rate of enrollment in four-year colleges than their peers who scored proficient. Lastly, economically disadvantaged students and students with limited English proficiency had lower overall rates of enrollment than their peers who were neither economically disadvantaged or were limited in their English proficiency.

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