The Educational Experience of Young Men of Color: A Review of Research, Pathways and Progress

This report sponsored by the College Board identifies the research-based factors that contribute either to the persistence or to the attrition of young men of color within the education system. The author synthesizes the literature in context of the communities to find connections and intersections in the literature for each of these racial/ethnic groups. It concludes with six recommendations: 1) prioritize the improvement of outcomes for young men of color, 2) increase community, business and school partnerships to provide mentoring and support to young men of color, 3) reform education to ensure that all students, including young men of color, are college and career ready when they graduate from high school, 4) improve teacher education programs and provide professional development that includes cultural- and gender-responsive training, 5) create culturally appropriate persistence and retention programs that provide wraparound services to increase college completion for men of color, and 6) produce more research and conduct more studies that strengthen the understanding of the challenges faced by males of color and provide evidence-based solutions to these challenge.

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