Career and Technical Education: Five Ways that Pay Along the Way to the B.A.

In the United States, postsecondary education and training have become more necessary than ever. Completing this education and training is the new threshold one must meet for access to a middle-class life. Unlike other countries, the American career and technical education (CTE) system provides inroads to further education and college degrees; promotes career mobility as an avenue for lifelong learning; and provides retraining for workers who have seen their jobs shipped overseas or outmoded by technological advancements. This report has two parts. Part One explores, in detail, the five major CTE pathways at the subbaccalaureate level: employer-based training, industry-based certifications, apprenticeships, postsecondary certificates, and associate’s degrees. Part Two lists the occupations for which CTE prepares American workers. The report concludes with suggestions to effectively enhance the productivity and efficiency of the workforce preparation and human capital development system.

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