Understanding the State Context to Inform Career Pathways Design

Using career and technical education (CTE) as a lever for ensuring all students receive a well-rounded education does not need to start from scratch. States have substantial numbers of CTE experts and programs on which to build career pathway systems; therefore, time to inventory existing resources and identifying future needs is critical. During this webinar, learn about strategies to map existing career pathways policies, programs, and funding; explore state and regional labor market needs to align career pathways with high-demand sectors; and inventory local education agency practices to broaden CTE efforts and strategies for all students.

Below is a recording of the second webinar in our  three-part webinar series "Career Pathways—Leveraging CTE to Enhance Learning for All Students."  Presenters  shared stories from the field, including strategies and lessons learned from states grappling with similar issues. Further, the webinar highlighted  existing tools that states can use to help understand the state context to inform career pathways design.


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