Strengthening the Education-to-Workforce Pipeline for Students with Disabilities

Aligning labor market demand for high-value jobs with the education pipeline is essential for providing all students, including students and youth with disabilities, with the academic, technical, and employability skills necessary for postschool employment success. This webinar shared the updated resource Developing a College- and Career-Ready Workforce: An Analysis of ESSA, Perkins V, IDEA, and WIOA, which can help state and local agencies identify opportunities to align and leverage policies, programs, and funding across the four laws to support the education-to-workforce pipeline. The addition of IDEA to the education-to-workforce pipeline brief ensures that strategies to develop skills and transition plans for students with disabilities are an integral part of a state’s college and career-ready goals. Participants hear from Delaware and national experts on how aligning the education-to-workforce pipeline can help increase cost efficiency, promote coherence, and produce better outcomes for all students and workers, including those with disabilities.  

Our presenters include:

  • Tessie Bailey, Principal Technical Assistance Consultant, American Institutes for Research
  • Christine Johnson, Senior Research Associate, Workforce Innovation Technical Assistance Center
  • Beth Ratway, Senior Technical Assistance Consultant, College and Career Readiness and Success Center
  • Dale Matusevich, Education for Secondary & Transition Services Associate, Delaware Department of Education
  • Hunter Matusevich, Pre-ETS Career Counselor, Delaware Department of Labor, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation 
Event Type
Online Webinar