Competency-Based Education in Higher Education

Educators and policymakers across  K-12 and higher education systems are developing policies and programs focused on increased personalization and the demonstration of acquired knowledge to ensure that students are ready for postsecondary success. In the first two parts of the CCRS Center webinar series on competency-based education, we looked at K-12 policy implications and  practice considerations. On October 9, we will conclude the series with an exploration of competency-based education in higher education.

This webinar will provide an overview of how competency-based education is implemented in institutions of higher education across the country, share examples from leading two-year and four-year programs, and discuss policy and practice considerations. Panelists will be Becky Klein-Collins, Director of Research for the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning; Dr. Sandy Cook, System Director, and Dr. Bill Ryan, Executive Director, of Learn on Demand through the Kentucky Community and Technical College System; and Dr. Sally Johnstone, Vice President for Academic Advancement at Western Governors University.

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Online Webinar