What Can States Learn About College and Career Readiness Accountability Measures From Alternative Education?

The Every Student Succeeds Act, 2015 (ESSA) provides states the opportunity to revise or design new accountability systems that include measures for all students, including at-risk students participating in alternative education settings. Alternative settings serve at-risk students by providing pathways to students whose needs are not met in traditional school environments. States can use ESSA to refine their systems to ensure that all students receive a high quality education, based on common measures of success, to ensure that ALL student are prepared for life beyond high schools.

This Ask the CCRS Center brief provides states with concrete examples of accountability measures used in alternative education settings in three major categories:  (1) readiness to receive education, (2) demonstration of learning, and (3) readiness for college and career.  Additionally, this brief provides considerations for states interested in adopting flexible measures that ensure all schools meet the needs of students.


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