Career Readiness Assessments Across States: A Summary of Survey Findings

This report describes the key findings of a national survey of state approaches to college and career readiness. The survey sought to answer four basic questions: how do states define career readiness; how is career readiness assessed; how do states use these assessments; and what other issues do states face related to assessing students for career readiness?

Innovate to Educate: System [Re]design for Personalized Learning: A Report from the 2010 Symposium

This report details and expands upon the key recommendations from the 2010 Innovate to Educate Symposium, held by the Software & Information Industry Association (SIIA) in collaboration with ASCD and the Council of Chief State School Officers. The ten recommendations consist of five "essential elements" for personalized learning, as well as five "policy enablers" which would serve to support the development of those essential elements.

Mapping the Nation: The Local IS Global

Mapping the Nation ( is a new tool that allows users to see just how interconnected their individual county and state are to the rest of the world. Created as a partnership between Asia Society, Longview Foundation, and data analytics company SAS, Mapping the Nation utilizes almost one million data points to show that we are a nation built upon diversity – demographically and economically.


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