Identifying Appropriate College-Readiness Standards for All Students

This report suggests that school systems must do three things to get students on track for academic success: 1) adopt high but attainable college-readiness standards that minimize the odds that students will need remediation should they attend college; 2) make a K-12 curriculum based on those standards the default curriculum for all students regardless of socioeconomic background; and 3) get students on track to reach those standards in elementary school, as getting academically behind students up to high academic standards later is difficult and costly.

Increasing the Career Choice Readiness of Young Adolescents: An Evaluation Study

This study examines the impact of a career workshop which uses the Cognitive Information Processing Approach, which looks at the role of the three stages of memory, in order to promote the career choice readiness of young adolescents. Findings showed that middle school students increased their career planning, career decidedness, and career exploration.

Raising Minority Academic Achievement: A Compendium of Education Programs and Practices

This synthesis from American Youth Policy Forum identifies, summarizes, and analyzes research evaluations of school and youth programs, focusing on those that show gains for minority youth across a broad range of academic achievement outcomes from early childhood through advanced postsecondary study. Recommendations on how to raise the minority academic achievement are also provided for researchers, practitioners, families, community members, and students.

Successful K-12 Transitions through Vertical and Horizontal Articulation

The California Comprehensive Center at WestEd conducted a research study aimed at identifying middle-to-high school transition practices  at California schools with graduation rates that were higher than predicted. They found that some schools used a “Regional Model” that leveraged collaboration and cross-school communication to ease transition and raise graduation rates.

Secretary Duncan: New Assessments Prepare Students for College and Careers

In a speech hosted by Achieve last week, U.S. Department of Education Secretary Arne Duncan repeatedly emphasized the goal of preparing students for colleges and careers.  Secretary Duncan’s speech was primarily about state consortia working together to create common, rigorous assessments, and he mentioned college- and career-readiness 18 times, framing it as a central goal of developing common standards and assessments. 


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