College: 4-year

Mixed Messages: What State High School Tests Communicate about Student Readiness for College

This 2003 study from the Center for Educational Policy Research analyzed 66 state-administered standardized tests from 20 states to determine whether they adequately gauge whether students are prepared for introductory-level college courses. The report concludes that state exams are largely not aligned with the standards generally thought to lead to college readiness and success

Works in Progress: A Report on Middle and High School Improvement Programs

This report, produced by the Comprehensive School Reform Quality (CSRQ) Center, outlines key issues educators face in school and district improvement including transitions, dropouts, postsecondary readiness, violence, and literacy. The report includes examples of how these issues have been addressed and offers further recommendations.

College and Career Readiness and Success: Inventory of Policies, Programs, and Initiatives

This inventory, based on the College and Career Development Organizer, is designed to help users catalog policies, programs, and initiatives that support students on their pathways to success in college and careers. Intended primarily for Regional Comprehensive Centers and states, the tool can help users identify areas of strength as well as gaps or redundancies in current and planned activities, and reflect on state priorities and their alignment with these activities.

Promoting College and Career Readiness Through ESEA Flexibility Plans

The American Institutes for Research recently released a pocket guide, Promoting College and Career Readiness: A Pocket Guide for State and District Leaders, to support state and local policymakers and practitioners as they implement the college and career readiness initiatives included in their state Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) flexibility plans.

College and Career Development Organizer

This college and career development organizer was created to synthesize and organize an increasingly complicated and crowded field of college and career readiness initiatives. The organizer, composed of three strands, can be used to map the efforts of SEAs and LEAs as well as the many organizations devoted to researching and providing support for college and career readiness. The organizer can also be used as a set of building blocks to help SEA, LEAs, schools, and other organizations develop college and career readiness strategies and initiatives to address student needs.

Moving College Readiness Beyond Academics

During Education Week’s January 31st Webinar, College Readiness and Life Skills: Moving Beyond Academics, contributing writer Caralee Adams moderated as presenters shared their experiences and knowledge gained in college readiness beyond the traditional academic setting. The event’s presenters included Mandy Savitz-Romer, professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education, and Susan Strickland, counselor at Harrison High School in Kennesaw, Georgia.

Report on State High School Exit Exams

The Center on Education Policy’s (CEP) 11th annual report, State High School Exit Exams: A Policy in Transition, is based on data from 45 state education departments. It builds upon the group’s earlier work on a more comprehensive look at exit exam policy and practice, and existing trends in high school exit assessments.


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