Transition: High School to College

Doing What Works Resources: Prepare Students Academically

In a previous post, Marlene Darwin of the Doing What Works Initiative introduced their new online resource, Helping Students Navigate the Path to College.  This is one in a series of follow up posts describing the content of that resource. In order to ensure all students are academically prepared to graduate high school and enter postsecondary education, many students need support in selecting courses throughout high school that will academically prepare them for college or career and technical

New Study Shows Ninth Graders Think About Their Future Careers

A new study released by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) last week asked ninth graders about their anticipated profession at age 30, and how often they thought about pursuing their future career. Almost half (49%) of ninth graders both identified a future profession and reported they spent a lot of time thinking about it.  Only 29% did not identify a profession.  A higher percentage of black students reported thinking a lot about a future job than white students (61% compared to 48%).

What We Are Reading: Teacher Certifications, the Common Core, & Student Data

Looking for new high school-related resources?  Here are some pieces that other organizations have recently released:* Education and Certification Qualifications of Departmentalized Public High School-Level Teachers of Core Subjects (National Center for Education Statistics, May 2011)

NCES Releases New Data on Postsecondary Enrollment, Graduation Rates, and Finances

Today, the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) released a very interesting and timely report on postsecondary education. Among figures on postsecondary enrollment and graduation, the NCES report includes a section on financing postsecondary education—a topic of enduring interest, but particularly so in times of economic challenge and as a new class of high school seniors enter the final stretch of their secondary education.

 According to the report:


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