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Individualized Learning Plans Webinar Questions: Part 2 – Fostering School-Wide Buy-in of ILPs

This post is the second in a series following the May 29 webinar, “The Use of Individualized Learning Plans (ILPs) to Help Students to be College and Career Ready,” where presenters are responding to questions submitted by participants. The first post in this series is available here.

Grad Nation: A Guidebook to Help Communities Tackle The Dropout Crisis

This guidebook is a step-by-step guide for schools, families and the community on how to be involved in addressing the dropout crisis. The authors provide research-based information and tools with each section to be used in implementing programs specific to the community. Each section provides background information on topics relevant to the community as a whole such as the cost of high dropout rates, along with questions techniques, strategies, and additional resources to address the community needs.

From High School to the Future: Potholes on the Road to College

This report, sponsored by the Consortium on Chicago School Research, discusses whether Chicago Public School students are participating in the college search and application process effectively and where they run into obstacles. The authors examine the effect of school culture and guidance systems on students participation in the college application process, particularly for minority students.

What We Are Reading: LGBT Students in Rural Schools, College-Going Patterns, Potential Obstacles to Common Core Success

Looking for new high school-related resources? Here are some pieces that the National High School Center and other organizations have recently released:*

College Board Discusses Importance of School Leaders and Climate in the Common Core

On Wednesday, March 28th, The College Board held a Webinar, “School Leaders for Common Core Standards: Changing School Culture and Climate,” where panelists Dick Flanary, Senior Director of Leadership Programs and Services and Mel Riddile, Associate Director for High School Services at the National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP) joined moderator Natasha Vasavada, Executive Director of Research and Development at The College Board, to discuss the cultural changes necessitated by the

When Cyberbullying Spills into Schools

Bullying and its consequences is not a new topic of discussion in the school climate discussion. A very recent Ohio high school tragedy is alleged to have been the result of bullying. On February 23, Education Week offered an on-demand Webinar entitled “When Cyberbullying Spills into School,” which aimed to address when schools should intervene in cyberbullying.

School Climate: What It Is and Why It Matters

On Tuesday, January 10th, 2012, Solutions to the Dropout Crisis, the National Dropout Prevention Center/Network’s monthly radio Webcast series, hosted “School Climate: Why Is It Important?” Terry Pickeral, president of Cascade Educational Consultants, presented and explained research and practices addressing school climate. In literature and in practice, “school climate” is referenced by many names.


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