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Education Department Announces Next Rounds of Race to the Top, Including Another Key Investment to Expand Access to High-Quality Early Learning Opportunities

On April 16, the U.S. Department of Education and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services announced the availability of $370 million in funds this year for the development of high-quality early learning programs aimed at closing the school readiness gap.

Improving College and Career Readiness by Incorporating Social and Emotional Learning

This issue brief was written to assist state policymakers in better understanding how social and emotional learning (SEL) can help students to be college and career ready. The brief provides a short description of what SEL is, why it is needed, and what it looks like in practice. In addition, examples of standards that support SEL at the federal and state levels, current SEL initiatives and programs, and outcomes and measures that can be used to assess SEL programming are described.

Navigating the New CCRS Center Website

The College & Career Readiness & Success (CCRS) Center website is live and we hope you have had a chance to explore it! The site serves as a hub for college and career readiness and success-related organizations and resources, and includes a wealth of resources for both policymakers and practitioners.

Whether it be learning about the Center, or exploring the larger realm of college and career readiness and success, the CCRS Center website will help in your search.

New College & Career Readiness & Success Center Brief on Career and Technical Education

The College & Career Readiness & Success (CCRS) Center recently released a brief titled How Career and Technical Education Can Help Students Be College and Career Ready: A Primer.  This brief examines the role of career and technical education (CTE) in preparing students for both college and the workforce in a changing postsecondary landscape.

College and Career Readiness and Success Center Blog

High School Matters and the National High School Center are winding down, but the College and Career Readiness and Success Center (CCRS Center) is gearing up! The CCRS Center’s mission is to better inform, align, and support efforts to ensure that all students are ready for success in college and careers. Housed at the American Institutes for Research, it will serve as a technical assistance hub for Regional Comprehensive Centers (RCCs), state education agencies, and other CCRS stakeholders.

Aligning Resources, Structures and Supports for Actualizing College and Career Readiness

The importance of aligning college and career readiness initiatives—from the common core and career technical education standards, to funding streams like Title I and Perkins, as well as to school structural changes like expanded learning time and career academies—is a growing concern in the field. Dr.

Goals and Expectations for College and Career Readiness: What Should Students Know and Be Able to Do?

This brief, the second in the College and Career Development Organizer series, summarizes the goals and expectations of college and career readiness that have been collected and organizes this information into three key threads: 1) Core Content; 2) Pathways Content; 3) Lifelong Learning Skills. Along with a brief description of each thread, key components are highlighted and examples of each type of goal and expectation are provided.


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