Online/Distance Learning

Online Learning at Public Universities: Building a New Path to a College Degree

This report describes the findings of a survey regarding online post-secondary programs at public institutions. The survey participants consisted of the chief academic officers of public universities who are members of the American Association of State Colleges and Universities (AASCU). The survey was conducted by AASCU, in collaboration with The Learning House. The report provides a detailed analysis of the infrastructure, finances, marketing, programs offered, impact, and future directions for online programs at public post-secondary institutions.

Cracking the Credit Hour

This report describes the history of the credit hour and redefining the credit hour in a way that accounts for measuring student learning. The report also describes emerging efforts to measure student learning, such as the Degree Qualifications Profile, Tuning USA, and competency-based programs. Finally, the report provides federal policy recommendations for awarding credit hours based on student learning through three tools: the credit hour, experimental sites, and direct assessment.


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