Grad Nation: A Guidebook to Help Communities Tackle The Dropout Crisis

This guidebook is a step-by-step guide for schools, families and the community on how to be involved in addressing the dropout crisis. The authors provide research-based information and tools with each section to be used in implementing programs specific to the community. Each section provides background information on topics relevant to the community as a whole such as the cost of high dropout rates, along with questions techniques, strategies, and additional resources to address the community needs.

More Girls Go to College: Exploring the Social and Academic Factors Behind the Female Postsecondary Advantage Among Hispanic and White Students

This study examined the relationship between social networking and academic performance in high school and college enrollment trends among white and Hispanic youth. The analysis used longitudinal data from a representative sample of high school seniors in the state of Texas. Time spent on homework and social networking, especially interactions with high school counselors, predicted college enrollment of Hispanic female students. Grade point average and taking college preparation courses predicted college enrollment of white female students.

Creating Pathways to College for Migrant Students: Assessing a Migrant Outreach Program

This longitudinal study tracked the college-going behaviors of students that participated in the Migrant Student Leadership Institute, which aims to increase the number of migrant students attending a 4-year college through academic preparation, information about college and critical thinking about sociopolitical conditions. Findings from this study, which included a comparison group, showed that participation in the program had a positive effect on application and enrollment rates for selective California public higher education institutions.

Increasing the Career Choice Readiness of Young Adolescents: An Evaluation Study

This study examines the impact of a career workshop which uses the Cognitive Information Processing Approach, which looks at the role of the three stages of memory, in order to promote the career choice readiness of young adolescents. Findings showed that middle school students increased their career planning, career decidedness, and career exploration.

Using the Right Data to Determine if High School Interventions Are Working To Prepare Students for College and Careers

This report, published by the National High School Center, is designed to guide educators in collecting and analyzing valuable student achievement data that can help them determine if and how high school interventions for underprepared students are working to effectively prepare them for college and careers.

Success at Every Step: How 23 Programs Support Youth on the Path to College and Beyond

This publication from American Youth Policy Forum is designed to help policymakers and practitioners learn about effective programs supporting college- and career-readiness. The authors describe programs that have been proven to help young people successfully complete high school and be prepared for success in postsecondary education and careers. These programs represent a wide range of interventions, including school-wide reform initiatives, community-based afterschool services, work-based learning opportunities, and college access programs.

Social/Communication Interventions and Transition Outcomes for Youth with Disabilities: A Systematic Review

This meta-analysis of 30 studies examines whether social and/or communicative skills interventions helped to improve transition or transition related outcomes in high school aged students with disabilities. Results showed 1) little support for interventions aimed at augmentative and alternative communication; 2) modest support for interventions focused on the acquisition of conversation skills or social skills training. The authors were unable to conduct a meta-analysis of Interventions designed to reduce inappropriate social behaviors.


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