New Findings in the Effectiveness and Operation of Small Public High Schools of Choice in New York City

More than 200 small high schools serving predominantly low-income and minority students have opened in New York City since 2002. They replaced more than 23 large high schools identified as failing.

Kennewick Schools Wants Former Students Back

School officials in Kennewick, Washington  will be visiting the homes of dropout students to encourage them to complete their high school degree as part of their "We Want You Back" campaign. The program targets former students who are at least 18 years old, but also young enough to feel comfortable participating in a  traditional or alternative high school. Last year volunteers were able to identify, locate, and talk to 10 out of 35 dropouts and several of them enrolled in the program.

States Offer Students an Incentive to Graduate: Money

Some states are changing their financial aid policies to require students to complete a minimum amount of credits annually in order have their aid renewed, with more money being provided for students who exceed the minimum credit requirement. The hope is that this change in policy will result in higher graduation rates and keep students on track to graduate within four years. Early results show that these types of policies have led to increased retention and graduation rates as well as improved academic performance in some states.

College Degree Rate Rises, But At Pace Well Short Of Needs: Lumina Foundation Study

According to a report released on June 13 by the Lumina Foundation, though the percentage of adults ages 25-64 who hold a two- or four-year college degree has increased in recent years, the change has been incremental—increasing by less than one percent each year—and will result in the nation failing to reach the foundation’s goal of 60% degree attainment by 2025. 

Colorado Board of Education Approves New Graduation Requirements

On May 15, 2013, the Colorado State Board of Education voted to adopt a new set of graduation standards that will focus on competency rather than “seat time” in four  core content areas. These standards, will be implemented in multiple phases over the next seven years and offer multiple options and measures for students to demonstrate compentecy.


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