Family and Community Engagement

Effective Collaboration and Coordination: Lessons from Research and Practice

It takes a village. Partnership. Collaboration. Networking. We all hear and use these terms regularly when talking about ways to improve education. With so many diverse organizations, agencies, and entities acting at the national, state, and local levels to better serve students and improve outcomes, it’s perhaps not surprising.

New Findings in the Effectiveness and Operation of Small Public High Schools of Choice in New York City

More than 200 small high schools serving predominantly low-income and minority students have opened in New York City since 2002. They replaced more than 23 large high schools identified as failing.

Beyond School: Earning Credit for Real-World Experiences

On December 16th, Education Week hosted a Webinar entitled “Beyond School: Earning Credit for Real-World Experiences.” This Webinar discusses an extended learning opportunity (ELO) initiative involving Providence, Rhode Island school district and its nonprofit partner Providence After School Alliance (PASA). In selected high schools throughout the district, students participate in community programs for digital badges and course credit.

Nashville Data Sharing to Support Student Achievement

Parent and Community Involvement in a College/Career-Ready Culture

This brief provides experimental findings and literature reviews that focus on the impact of parent and community involvement on creating a college- and career-ready culture for students. The brief reports study findings which indicate that parent and community involvement can have a positive impact on student success.The brief also includes strategies and resources for involving parents and community members as well as profiles of programs that have been successful in including parents and community members.

Individualized Learning Plans Webinar Questions: Part 1 – The Role of Community Partners


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