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NASSP Webinar: Early College Programs, A Win-Win for Everyone

The National Association for Secondary Schools Principals (NASSP) hosted a Webinar, “Early College Programs, A Win-Win for Everyone,” on September 26, 2012 on models for preparing high school students for higher education. Janice Bell Ollarvia, NASSP Professional Development Specialist and a former school principal, compared features of high school initiatives that link secondary education with two and four year institutions of higher education and allow high school students to participate in college-level courses.

High School Rigor: Not Just About Taking Advanced Courses

We have some good news and some bad news.

The good news: The recently released U.S. Department of Education NAEP high school transcript study noted that the number of advanced courses (Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate, etc.) students take in high school has tripled over the past two decades.

Early College Schools: Success Built on Support

By Andrea Berger (guest blogger)

Early College Schools affiliated with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s Early College High School Initiative strive to enroll students from populations typically underrepresented in colleges and enable them to graduate with at least one year of college credit. Despite enrolling students not typically viewed “college material,” Early College High School students earned an average GPA of 3.1 in college classes and graduates earned an average of almost one year of college credit.[1]

Highlights of Early College High School Enrollments and Outcomes

By Aimee Evan (guest blogger) Early College High Schools (ECHSs) are intended to bridge high school and college by creating a hybrid school that combines both high school and postsecondary experiences. ECHSs are not programs per se; rather, they are whole school reform models that combine grades 9-12 and postsecondary into one institution.  Most ECHSs are designed to serve students that are underrepresented in higher education—those from low-income families, racial/ethnic minorities, and first generation college students.


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