CCRS Landscape

College and career readiness has become a key priority for the PK-20 education community and the nation at large. The growing consensus on the importance of all students mastering a broad range of knowledge and skills – from the English Language Arts and mathematics standards set forth by the Common Core State Standards Initiative, to social and emotional and academic success skills, and to knowledge of and exposure to a diverse range of postsecondary pathways – is made even more challenging by the subset of college and career readiness skills that are directly tied to individual postsecondary goals for college and career. As students identify postsecondary aspirations, they require specific knowledge, skills, and opportunities to prepare for their identified pathways.

The increased focus on college and career readiness, combined with the complexity of the challenges associated with the topic, have led to a rapidly expanding college and career readiness community, rich with resources yet replete with confusion. To help minimize the confusion, the CCRS Center has developed a series of resources designed to map the CCRS landscape. Learn more about some of the CCRS Center’s current work on the CCRS landscape below.

CCRS Organizer

This college and career development organizer was created to synthesize and organize an increasingly complicated and crowded field of college and career readiness initiatives.

CCRS Interactive State Map

The interactive state map displays information on college and career readiness initiatives across the 50 states and allows users to make comparisons between states.