Hot Off the Press: What Works Clearinghouse Finds Adolescent Literacy Program “Potentially” Beneficial

The Institute of Education Sciences’ What Works Clearinghouse has just released a report reviewing evaluations of Reading Apprenticeship® and concluded that the program has potentially positive effects on adolescents’ reading comprehension.

Reading Apprenticeship® is an instructional approach designed to help adolescents—middle school, high school, and community college students—develop skills and knowledge to improve their engagement, fluency, and comprehension of content-area materials and texts. The program includes academic literacy curricula for students, as well as professional development to train teachers to model and guide students’ text-based problem. Through the sharing of teacher’s and students’ reading processes and knowledge, Reading Apprenticeship® aims to help students understand and regulate their own reading processes and develop strategies to improve comprehension of texts across content areas.

For additional information about the What Works Clearinghouse, including reviews of other adolescent literacy programs, go to

For additional information on adolescent literacy research and practice, visit our website at

Note: This blog post was originally authored under the auspices of the National High School Center at the American Institutes for Research (AIR). The National High School Center’s blog, High School Matters, which ran until March 2013, provided an objective perspective on the latest research, issues, and events that affected high school improvement. The CCRS Center plans to continue relevant work originally developed under the National High School Center grant. National High School Center blog posts that pertain to CCRS Center issues are included on this website as a resource to our stakeholders.

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